Smart Solutions

Smart Bridge

The SENCO Smart Bridge has been developed for manufacturers of prefabricated panels who aim to improve their production process, product quality and ergonomics. Without the loss of flexibility and the need to use extra manpower the bridge increases productivity.

Smart BoardMaster

The Smart BoardMaster is equipped with a programmable PLC for short and long staple spacing including a quick change between the two. The spacing can be set freely from 30mm with increments of 5mm. A laser line for optical staple guiding ensures optimal positioning of the staples. With the telescopic arm great operating comfort is achieved.

Smart BoardFixer

The Smart BoardFixer is the ideal tool to improve quality and ergonomics in production environments with perfectly aligned distances varying from 85mm or 170mm. Operated by just one person from the side of the panel the Smart BoardFixer is guided along the edge of the element and drives nails or staples at set increments without the need to climb or stretch across the sheet/panel.